All about tea: types and useful properties


All about tea:
types and useful properties



December 15 in the world unofficially celebrates the day of tea. This is not just a drink, it is a tradition and culture with thousands of years of history. Different countries around the world have their own culture of consuming this drink. Interesting recipes can make an ordinary tea party - a real entertainment!


History of the holiday


International Tea Day is an unofficial holiday, but popular in the world. The idea of celebrating such a day appeared long ago. However, for the first time this date was celebrated after public forums in Mumbai, India, and Porto Alegre, Brazil (2004 and 2005).


The celebration is most widely celebrated in India and Sri Lanka. But other leading tea producers also celebrate this day. Various events are held in Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Uganda, Tanzania.

Tea producers

Where tea is made in the world: infographics


What tea is


There are many classifications of tea: by type of plant, origin, oxidation, type of leaves and its processing, season of collection, additional processing and so on. We will tell you about the most popular types of tea (classification by color).


The most common tea in the world is black tea. It is consumed in different countries, with and without additives, with sugar, without sugar, with a slice of lemon and cream. There are many variants. The peculiarity of black tea is that it tolerates complete oxidation.


Oolong is a tea that resembles traditional black tea in its properties. It is oxidized by 30 to 70%. In China, it is called blue-green or even blue tea.


Green tea does not undergo complete oxidation. It is processed in such a way that strong fermentation does not occur. This tea is justly considered healthier than black tea.


Yellow tea is almost the same as the green tea to which we are accustomed. But before the drying process, it undergoes a closed stewing procedure.


tea undergoes even less fermentation than green tea. In fact, tea is the tea buds. It is harvested only at the beginning of spring.


Jasmine is often added to this drink


Puer is a very unconventional and delicious tea, originally from China. The older it is, the more flavorful it is. This type of tea is prepared by a complex technology. The leaves are treated with special infusions. Then bacteria are added to ferment the tea. After that they are put in special pits with infusion for several years!


Also, tea is a drink that does not contain tea bush leaves. For example:


- yerba mate


- rooibos


- kudin


- carcade


- Honeybush


- herbal teas.



Useful properties of tea


Each of the types of tea that we described above has its own useful properties. Therefore, do not limit yourself to only one type, drink them all and get the maximum benefit!




Vitamins: P, K. A, C and PP.

Properties: has a strong bactericidal and astringent property (helps with food poisoning) use for disinfection in wounds, purulent skin diseases and conjunctivitis; affects the nervous system (depending on the strength has from soothing to tonic action) strengthens gums and protects teeth from decay; strengthens blood vessels.




Vitamins: C, PP and B vitamins.

Properties: tones the body in general and the nervous system in particular (so do not drink it before bedtime) has wonderful antibacterial properties; removes heavy metals from the body; strengthens blood vessels and removes cholesterol; has a positive effect on the digestive system; helps fight cancer.



Vitamins: C, PP

Properties: it is very similar in properties to green tea, but tea proper is recommended for people with chronic fatigue and low immunity.




Properties: this tea is incredibly invigorating, so it can safely replace coffee. It increases efficiency, improves health, removes toxins from the body, helps in the fight against excess weight. It also strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


This kind of tea is specially pressed - it only gets better from that


In general, all types of tea have excellent tonic properties, they have a diuretic effect and remove toxins, as well as a positive effect on blood vessels and help the gastrointestinal tract. The main thing - remember: tea should be drunk wisely, none of the types of tea should not be drunk before bedtime (except for herbal calming collections, but they should be careful), but in the morning a cup of tea - a wonderful and healthy choice!