Mushrooms in cooking


Mushrooms in cooking


Today, experts count more than 100 thousand species of various mushrooms, which can be both edible and very poisonous.

Edible mushrooms, which have a very high nutritional value, are often called "forest meat". There is a special classification that allows you to divide the most popular types of mushrooms into separate groups:

 Boletaceae family. These include boletus mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, fly mushrooms, oak mushrooms, and aspen mushrooms.


КÐÑ?Ñ'инки по ÐÐпÑ?осу Ð+ÐÐ>Ñ<РгÑ?иÐ+Ñ<

Porcini mushrooms



 Chanterelle family. In this group, there are mainly chanterelles of different varieties - ordinary, yellowish, tubular, cinnabar-red.




 The Russula family (saffron milk caps, capillaries, milkweeds, valui, milk mushrooms, russula).






 Truffle family. In this family, the most delicious and expensive mushrooms are summer, Italian, and Perigord truffles.


Truffle and pulp of different types of truffle



Mushrooms not only grow independently in the wild, but are also successfully cultivated by humans in specially created conditions. The most common "household" mushrooms are champignons and oyster mushrooms; they are widely used in cooking in different countries.


Useful properties of mushrooms


Due to their unique composition, mushrooms are successfully used not only in the kitchen, but also in science and medicine. These organisms contain all biologically valuable components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, microelements, various groups of vitamins. At the same time, the basis of mushrooms is ordinary water, which makes up almost 90% of the contents of the product. Due to this, mushrooms are considered one of the lowest-calorie, dietary and easily digestible dishes.

The rich vitamin range has a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. Thanks to regular consumption of mushrooms, you can keep your skin, nails, and hair in excellent condition for a long time. Mushrooms strengthen blood vessels, remove cholesterol from the blood and even have a high anti-cancer effect.

In terms of their healing and nutritional qualities, the following types of mushrooms are considered the most valuable: chanterelles, boletus, porcini mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, boletus mushrooms, boletuses, milk mushrooms, honey mushrooms, saffron milk caps, russula.


КÐÑ?Ñ'инки по ÐÐпÑ?осу подÐ+ÐÑ?ÐÐовики



Taste qualities of mushrooms


Experienced mushroom pickers know well which mushrooms are considered the most delicious and healthy. For convenience, a special classification was created that divides all edible mushrooms into 4 groups, ranging from the most valuable to the very mediocre in taste.

The first category includes, of course, the famous truffles, porcini mushrooms, boletus, milk mushrooms, and saffron milk caps - they contain the highest level of minerals.


Lactarius deliciosus.jpg

The saffron milk cap


The second category is mushrooms that are less "rich" in nutrients and not as delicate in taste (boletus, aspen, boletus, chanterelle)

The third category includes mushrooms that are even more "poor" in taste and nutritional qualities (honey mushrooms, moss mushrooms, valui, morels).

The fourth group also belongs to edible mushrooms, however, their taste characteristics are not appreciated by all gourmets (podgruzki, mokrukha, puffballs, russula).


Mushrooms in cooking


Mushrooms are widely used in cooking, representing a huge field of activity for professionals. Mushrooms can be fried, dried, pickled, salted, or made into soups. They go well with vegetables and meat; can be an excellent side dish or act as a great independent dish.

Gourmets around the world single out the truffle variety from the huge variety - one of the most valuable and expensive mushrooms. The truffle has become a real hallmark of fine French cuisine, receiving such flattering epithets as "black diamond" and "capricious prince". Interestingly, truffles are often collected with the help of dogs and even pigs, who can perfectly discern the delicate aroma of the delicacy in the air. Less expensive, but no less popular types include porcini mushrooms, milk mushrooms, champignons, oyster mushrooms and many others.

You can prepare a variety of sauces from mushrooms and use them as a filling for delicious baked goods. They are often fried on a grill or barbecue, resulting in a flavorful and very satisfying treat. Mushrooms are ideal for culinary experiments, allowing chefs to show all their imagination and ingenuity in the cooking process.