How to mix ingredients for a cocktail


How to mix ingredients for a cocktail



How to do it


Mixing with a blender


Wash the fruit: if necessary, remove the skin; cut into pieces and put into the blender.


Close the mixer and whip the contents for about 15 seconds.


Add the rest of the ingredients. Close the mixer again and whisk everything together for about 10 seconds.



Blending with the purée attachment


Wash the fruit; remove the skin if necessary; cut into pieces and place in a tall mixing bowl. Using the purée maker attachment, chop the contents for 15 seconds.


To separate the small pips, it is better to rub the fruit puree through a sieve.


Place the fruit mixture with the rest of the ingredients in the whisking vessel and process with the purée attachment for a further 10 seconds or so.




Mixing with a shaker


Place the products in the bottom of the shaker.


Close the shaker and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds, keeping it in a horizontal position.


Open the shaker. Pour the contents into a glass, straining through a bar strainer.