Types of pork and convenience foods


Types of pork and convenience foods


Pork is an excellent product for cooking dishes for all tastes, both for serving hot (schnitzel and escalopes, natural cutlets and roast beef) and as cold appetizers (ham, boujenina, various rolls). And how good are kebabs and steaks cooked in a barbecue or on a grill from pre-marinated meat!


Types of pork and semi-finished products


1- Ham. This is the most compact and meat-rich cut of pork. The meat is covered with a thin layer of fat, which gives it a peculiar flavor. The ham is usually cut into its component parts:


thigh (ham) - the most tender piece of ham, perfect for quick frying, making schnitzels and entrecotes, or for baking as a whole piece;


ankle - suitable for making schnitzels, whole piece oven roasts, boiled and smoked rolls;


walnut - although this part of the ham is riddled with veins, the meat is very tender and is suitable for quick roasting, making "walnut" ham, roasting or boiling as a whole piece;


lower ankle (ham) - mostly used for roasts or rolls, making cooked or smoked ham, schnitzels.


2. Pork feet (cold cuts, shanks) - front and back. They can be boiled and fried, stuffed.


3. Hooves (lower parts of pigs' feet). They are sold fresh or smoked, can be boiled, fried, grilled, stuffed.


4. Pork back. It consists of three parts:


The saddle is the part of the back with short ribs, sirloin, and kidneys. It can be boiled, roasted, grilled. Pork sirloin from the saddle is the most tender, juicy and lean part of the pork carcass. It is baked whole or in a mixture that forms a crispy crust (puff pastry, etc.), or wrapped in vegetables;


cutlet (loin) - the fine meat of this part is usually divided into ribs and cutlet part, it is excellent for frying;


neck (neck part) - this part is used for stews, roasts, goulash, beef stroganoff, stew, boiled as a whole piece.


5. Scapula. It is usually divided into shoulder part and petal. It is used for ham, goulash, stew, and minced meat.


6. Thick ribs (brisket, rib cage) - this part of the carcass is usually boiled and roasted, from the rib cage is prepared meat on ribs, goulash.


7. Rear rib - meat with or without bones. It can be stuffed, fried, stewed, boiled or smoked.


8. Lard (from the back). It is suitable for wrapping, pinning lean meat, making pates, pickling and smoking.