Pork and vegetable stew


Pork and vegetable stew




1 kg lean pork

3-5 carrots

8-10 small onions

500 g potatoes

15 g each of celery root and parsley

5-6 peas of allspice

Bay leaf

25 g wheat flour

40 g pork fat for frying

salt, herbs



Cut the pork into pieces and fry with fat in a saucepan or casserole dish. Fill with water, cover with a lid and simmer. Peel carrots and potatoes, cut into large pieces. Chop the garlic, celery roots and parsley.

After 1 hour, add chopped vegetables and peeled onions, chopped roots and garlic, bay leaf, pepper, and salt to the meat.

30-40 minutes before the meat is ready, fry the flour in fat until light brown, dilute it with meat broth, pour into the meat and simmer until done.

Sprinkle with parsley before serving.



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