Cottage cheese pancakes


Cottage cheese pancakes



Cheesecakes, and more precisely a curd, are very useful and tasty dish. In this dish add plenty of eggs, sugar, flour, dried fruits and of course, cheese. To make a tasty dish out of spoiled cottage cheese you will not succeed. Good cheesecakes will succeed only if all products are high quality and fresh. Besides, you cook them for my family, so this issue should be treated with great caution. We suggest you prepare the pancakes according to the recipe, which is suitable for even the youngest children. They contain semolina, so the pancakes turn out fluffy and delicate.

low fat cottage cheese (300 grams);
chicken eggs (2 pieces);
flour (1 tablespoon);
semolina (2-3 tablespoons);
sugar (50-60 grams);
sour cream (3 tablespoons);
a pinch of salt;
vegetable oil.

Method of preparation:

In large bowl, mix cottage cheese with sour cream. Gradually add the flour, semolina, salt and sugar. Beat eggs. Carefully knead. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes to semolina swelled.

Preheat a frying pan with plenty of vegetable oil. Form small balls, which are neatly spread on a pan.

Fry until Golden brown on both sides.

Bon appetit!


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