Borsch (Ukrainian and Russian beet soup)


(Ukrainian and Russian beet soup)



1 boiled beet;
1 kg of beef;
0,5 kg cabbage;
2 litres of water;
50 ml of oil;
1-2 onions;
1-2 carrots;
2-3 bay leaves;
a bit of garlic;
tomato paste;


Put the beet into a saucepan filled with water. Boil until its fully prepared.

Take another saucepan and place the meat into it. Simmer the beef for an hour and a half. Add a little salt and some spices (if you wish).

Grate the carrot.

Grate the boiled beet.

Chop the cabbage.

Chop the onions.

Fry the onions in the frying pan (with oil) for some minutes.

Put the cabbage into the frying pan, add some salt and cook for 5-7 minutes.

Add the carrots and the tomato paste, stir, cover with a lid and stew for 5 minutes.

Squeeze the garlic and add a bit of parsley.

Take the beef out of the water. Cut the meat. Put the vegetables and the bay leaf into the broth. Boil for half an hour.

At the end, add the beet and the meat into the borsch.

Serve with sour cream and bread.


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