What is the main course


What is the main course?




Main course - the main dish served during a meal consisting of several courses. As a rule, it follows entrée , i.e. snack. The main course is usually the heaviest, hottest and most complex dish on the menu. The main ingredients are meat or fish. Sometimes in vegetarian dishes, they try to imitate meat dishes for the main course. The main course is preceded by an appetizer, soup and/or salad, and followed by dessert. For these reasons, the main course is sometimes called the "meat dish".

Sirloin Steak Lunch
The beefsteak is here as a separate main course.

At formal dinners, a well-planned main course can represent the gastronomic pinnacle or climax. In this case, the preceding courses prepare and lead to the main course in such a way that the main course is anticipated , and, with a successful meal pattern, increases the pleasure and enjoyment of the dinner. The dishes following the main course soothe the palate and the stomach.


In addition, depending on the occasion for which the lunch is organized, there are certain traditions for preparing and serving the main dishes. So, for example, at Christmas in all European countries, and in Belarus too, there is one iron rule regarding the main dish on the table: it must be something whole, uncut. We most often cook whole roasted suckling pig or goose. In England - a whole stuffed turkey. In Ireland and Scotland - smoked goose or lamb. In Italy and Hungary - large lake fish, such as trout or carp. It is believed that such a dish guarantees the integrity of the family in the coming year. According to the rules, the oldest man at the table should share a whole dish between family members, and the first piece should be given to the eldest son, and only if he has no sons - to his wife, and only then to everyone else.

Christmas Turkey Roast



Main course:

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Cutlets "Pozharsky" Steak in red wine

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