Sausage product


Sausage product



Sausage product is a moulded food product made of minced meat, minced meat, bacon, meat by-products, processed by mechanical and physical-chemical methods with the addition of some other food products. Mechanical processing consists in removal of inedible, low-nutrient parts from the raw material and its grinding. Physical and chemical processing includes salting, ripening, drying, frying, cooking, smoking.

Minced Beef

Sausage products are distinguished as boiled (including sausages and wieners), semi-smoked, smoked, smoked-boiled, liver, zeltsy and jellies. The raw materials are lean beef, pork, bacon, lamb, horse meat and poultry meat. Meat by-products (liver, brains, heart, rumen and others) are used for liver sausages, kippers and jellies. Nutritious blood of slaughtered animals is used in the production of blood sausages. To enrich sausage mince with high-grade proteins, food blood plasma, whole and skimmed milk, milk protein, eggs are added to it. Improving the flavour of sausage products is also achieved by adding sugar, spices, spices (peppers, nutmeg, pistachio, garlic and others). In order to preserve the red colour of meat, a weak solution of sodium nitrite is introduced.

Smoked Sausage

To give sausage products a certain shape and protect them from harmful external influences, casings are used: natural (mainly intestinal) and artificial (protein, cellulose, polyamide films). Some products are moulded without casings.