A classic kebab recipe


A classic kebab recipe



Beginners in cooking barbecue can use a classic recipe that will allow you to understand the main basics and secrets of this process.

Flavorful and tender, the skewers will not leave anyone indifferent, and friendly gatherings on the nature can not be compared with anything. Recipes for this wonderful dishes there is a huge number, but there is the traditional option. Usually it is prepared from meat of mutton or pork. A simple procedure, it would seem, does not promise amazing results, but in the skilled hands miracles happen.

Ingredients for 5 servings:
To prepare the marinade for 1 kg of meat:

  • 1 kg of meat;
  • 3 onions;
  • salt;
  • 3 tablespoons Apple cider, wine vinegar or lemon juice;


Method of preparation:

Pork should be fresh and pleasant pink hue. Most of all barbecue fits the neck, because the most tender meat there. During the life of the animals almost never uses this part of the body, so it retains its delicacy, in contrast to, for example, from the feet. Also the neck piece has small inclusions of fat that allows the meat to stay juicy. It cut into portions, pre-clearing of films and tendons. The product is then placed in a glass, enamel or ceramic ware.

To prepare the marinade for 1 kg of meat 3 onions, salt, black pepper or mixture of peppers, 3 tablespoons Apple cider, wine vinegar or lemon juice. Cut onion rings and mixed with other ingredients, then add the marinade to the meat. Stand the mixture from 5 hours to one day. A convenient container for marinating meat will be a few plastic bags that are nested in each other. Absolutely can not put the product into aluminum cookware.

Put marinated meat on skewers, alternating with onion rings, or put on the grill. Cook it about 15-20 minutes over hot coals, turning occasionally. Serve the kebab with ketchup, mustard, vegetables, lemon wedges. A classic kebab recipe will delight your taste and unsurpassed flavor of any gourmet.


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