Snack buns


Snack buns




Cooking time 50 minutes.

Ingredients for 20 pieces:

for the dough:

flour 1 cup

water 1 cup

salt 1 teaspoon

vegetable oil 100 g

eggs 4pcs

for filling:

salted herring fillet - 1 pcs

chopped green onion 100 g

mayonnaise 150 g

grated cheese 50 g

boiled eggs - 3 pcs


Boil water with oil and salt, pour in flour, make a dough and cool slightly. Break the eggs into the batter one at a time..


Shape the dough into small buns on an oiled baking sheet and bake in the oven until brown. Cool.


For the filling, put the herring through a meat grinder, add chopped eggs, onion and part of the mayonnaise, mix.


Slit the side of the buns, fill them with the stuffing, smear lightly with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese.