Cake Berries miracle


Cake Berries miracle



1 cup of flour;
1 glass of sugar;
3 eggs;
150 g of butter;
400 ml of condensed milk;
20 g of baking powder;
10 g of vanilla sugar;
250 grams of powdered sugar;
3 tablespoons of lemon juice;
1 cup of any berries.


Blend 2 yolks and whites, add the sugar, vanilla, 150 grams of condensed milk and sifted flour with baking powder. Mix.

Pour the dough into the baking dish and put in the oven at 170-180 degrees. When the cake is golden brown, its ready.

150 grams of condensed milk mix with butter and whip them with the mixer.

Berries (cranberries, currants, sea buckthorn) wipe through a sieve with sugar add the gelatin to make jelly.

Baked sponge cake cut in half. Put the jelly onto the lower part and let it to harden. Cover the cake with the top part of sponge cake.

Prepare frosting from sugar with 1 egg white. Smear the top layer. The sides of the cake coat with melted chocolate.

Decorate the cake with ornaments made of chocolate.

Serve with tea or coffee.



Cake Berries miracle
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