Mutton and its properties


Mutton and its properties



Mutton is the meat of sheep, rams. The most valuable is the meat of young (up to 18 months) castrated rams or sheep unsuitable for breeding.


The meat of well-fed sheep, not older than 3 years, is also tasty. It is characterised by a light red colour, the fat is firm and . The meat of old or poorly fattened sheep is dark red and the fat is yellow. This meat is stringy, so it is best consumed in the form of minced meat. It is a favourite meat of the peoples of the East.


The fat content in mutton is 2 - 3 times less than in pork.


The advantage of this type of meat is that in mutton fat cholesterol is 2.5 times less than in beef, and 4 times less than in pork.


Calorie content of mutton


Caloric value of boiled mutton is 291 kCal per 100 g. In 100 g of stewed mutton 268 kCal, and the calorie content of fried mutton - 320 kCal per 100 g. This product is characterised by a fairly high content of proteins and fats and can lead to obesity if consumed in large quantities.


Nutritional value in 100 grams:


Proteins 16.5 g;


Fats 15,5 g;


Carbohydrates 0 g ;


Water 67,5 g;


Caloric value260-320 kCal.


Useful properties of mutton


Mutton contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, vitamins E, B1, B2, B12, PP.


Mutton is well suited for the nutrition of elderly people and children. It has a lot of fluoride, which protects teeth from tooth decay. There is little cholesterol in mutton fat. Moreover, the lecithin contained in mutton helps to prevent diabetes by stimulating the pancreas, and also has antisclerotic properties and normalises cholesterol metabolism.


Contained salts of potassium, sodium and magnesium, favourably affect the heart and blood vessels. Mutton is rich in iron (30% more than in pork), necessary for hematopoiesis, and iodine, which ensures the normal functioning of the thyroid.


The flavour and nutritional value of mutton is exceptionally high. In terms of protein content, essential amino acids and mineral substances it is not inferior to beef, and in terms of calories it even exceeds it (beef - 1838 kcal/kg, mutton - 2256 kcal/kg). Also because its fat contains a relatively small amount of cholesterol. Some scientists believe that in peoples who eat mainly mutton, atherosclerosis is less widespread.


But still, you should rest from meat, so all major religions of the world have fasts. After fasting, when the body has rested from meat food, we become calmer and smarter. It is true that it is impossible to refuse meat food completely, as our diet should be complete and balanced.


Meat broths will benefit people suffering from gastritis with low acidity. But they will have to completely exclude those who have a peptic ulcer or gastritis with increased acidity. On sick kidneys meat also acts unfavourably. After all, there are many toxic substances in any meat, in addition, animals are fed antibiotics and hormonal stimulants, and these substances are very destructive to the kidneys and liver.


Burnt lamb meat is good for snake bites, black and yellow scorpions. With wine it helps against the bite of a rabid dog.


Dangerous properties of mutton


Mutton has the same set of harmful properties as other types of meat. Its consumption in large quantities can lead to the development of obesity and sclerosis. You should not be fond of mutton for the elderly and those who suffer from arthritis. The reason for this restriction is the bacteria that are found on the bones of the meat, because of which arthritis can begin to progress.


Also, one of the main disadvantages of lamb is its high lipid content, which is dangerous and contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, lamb meat is not recommended for people who have problems with the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, there are stomach or intestinal ulcers, those who suffer from high blood pressure, high acidity.


All this, of course, sounds not quite comforting, however, if you know the measure and use meat food in reasonable portions, there will be no harm to the body. Try to select lean cuts, without skin. It is desirable to eat cooked meat with vegetables and greens.