Garnishes and their types


Garnishes and their types



Garnish (French garner - to decorate, fill, supply) - an addition to the main dish or drink, used as a decoration of the plate or to give additional or contrasting flavor. In modern cuisine, the concept of garnish is somewhat broader and includes products that are put in the plate as an addition to fish, meat, as well as vegetable main culinary products, or what is put, for example, on a portioned piece of meat, etc.


Garnishes are prepared from vegetables, cereals, legumes, seafood, less often - fruits, mushrooms. There are also complex composite side dishes.

Cutlet with potato garnish

Garnish of green peas and carrots

As a side dish for pasta I often use shrimps with wine


There is a great variety of types of side dishes that are suitable for this or that culinary product. Among the most common are such as:


- Vegetable garnish such as mashed potatoes, legumes or boiled vegetables, and mixed vegetables and so on;

Vegetables are one of the most common and favorite side dishes


- Cereals;



- Different types of porridge;

Boiled buckwheat with meat


- Pasta;


- Greens;

Meat with garnish of greens


- Mushrooms;


- Broth;

Vegetables with fish in broth


- Bread and Baked Goods;

Bread with onions and spinach is not a bad side dish for many dishes


- Fruit garnish.

Fruit garnish for meat


As a garnish can serve not only independent foodstuffs, but also culinary, as well as meat and sausage products. In addition, the garnish can act as a sauce. It is worth noting that a properly selected garnish can significantly improve both flavor and nutritional characteristics of the finished culinary product. Professional chefs note that the garnish plays the same important role as the main dish itself.

Tomato-meat sauce for pasta


It is worth carefully considering the ingredients for the garnish as well as the cooking process. For each type of main course, a different garnish is suitable. It is better to think about the garnish for the main course in advance, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the culinary product. Do not choose as a garnish ingredients that do not combine with the main course.

Tomato is an excellent garnish for meat


Among professional cooks there is such a concept as a universal side dish, i.e. a dish that perfectly combines with the main varieties of basic culinary products. To universal side dishes can be attributed mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes, as well as vegetables, rice, legumes, and mushrooms. The above products are well combined with both meat and fish dishes.

Mashed potatoes are practically a universal side dish


Often sauces act as garnishes to self-sufficient seafood dishes. As a rule, the side dish is served simultaneously with the main course. Garnish can be served portionwise on the same plate with the main culinary product or be in a separate dish. This way of serving allows each guest to choose the amount of garnish independently.

Pasta with seafood in cream sauce